Aims logoAims Technology Inc. is a SoC Solution company that prides itself in providing solution from Concept to SoC with Software implementation. The company specializes in design services and IPs for high performance, low power solutions.The company has developed a set of quality ARM-based Scalable Cache Coherent NoC IPs for high-end computing, networking, security, and storage applications using multi-core and many core architecture.


Aims logoSibot Technologies Inc is a hardware and software services firm based in USA and India and provides hardware and software consulting services in USA, Europe, and India.Their areas of expertise are ASIC & FPGA design and test, Physical design, Embedded, and Software development and test. Sibot provides consultants in the areas of VLSI, Embedded, and Software technologies.


learnyzen imageAsiczen Technologies is a Bhubaneswar based startup in the semiconductor and IoT space. The company focuses on digital verification IP development and services. It plans to be on the cutting edge of technology by working on latest and next generation protocols and standards.